Privacy Policy & Terms Statement

This privacy statement covers the type of information we collect, and use of that information from the visitors of this site. By visiting this site and using the services we offer herein, including "Account" services that users have signed up for, you are agreeing to accept the terms covered in this privacy/terms statement. Capital Candy Company Inc. acknowledges the importance of privacy to all visitors of this web site. We have created this statement to protect us as a whole, and you, our visitor(s).

Collected and Stored Information

We do not collect or log personal information for use of tracking or to identify any user of or visitor to CapitalCandy.com. We may use some information that is collected automatically for the general purposes of site maintenance and operation.

This data includes but is not entirely limited to:

CapitalCandy.com's administrator(s) and management do not use "Cookies" to gather any information from this website. "A cookie is a piece of text that a Web server can store on a user's hard disk. Cookies allow a Web site to store information on a user's hard disk and later retrieve it". - Quoted from http://computer.howstuffworks.com author Marshall Brain.


This Privacy Policy pertains to this site in its entirety, but does not extend to any other site we may link to. If you follow a link to another site from CapitalCandy.com, you are then subject to the terms and policies of that site.

Usage Terms

Site Data/Information Accuracy

CapitalCandy.com is updated regularly and whenever necessary. All updates to this site are posted with the utmost care of accuracy and grammatical precision. Content is up to date to the best of our ability. Site updates and maintenance are not set or scheduled. Inaccurate information is fixed upon first immediate chance when we are notified of error. We do not guarantee the precision of any information posted.

Content Liability

We at Capital Candy Company Inc. will NOT be liable for any inaccuracy in content of this site. We reserve the right to change the content of this site at any time without notification. No commitment will be made to update this site or the content herein.

CapitalCandy.com WebConsole Account Security

Accounts will be opened for customers use of ordering, viewing billing status, pricing and etcetera. Each account is given a username and a password for login. It is the account user's responsibility to keep their username and password confidential. By opening an account, you agree completely to the usage terms in this statement and acquit Capital Candy from all claims that may derive from misuse or unauthorized access to your account. In addition, you also agree to notify Capital Candy immediately to report any misuse or unauthorized use of your username and password. We reserve the right at our discretion to close or suspend an account at any time without notification if we feel misuse is taking place. Your protection is important to us and we will make every effort to keep this site secure.


Capital Candy Company Credit Policy

                 We at Capital Candy Company feel that we have a definite obligation to credit any damaged, mispicked, or shorted merchandise that we are responsible for. If, however, that damage occurs after the product has been delivered, our responsibility has ended. Giving credit is a two way proposition, and we are very willing to meet our customers more than halfway. The following are the only set of circumstances that our sales representatives will be able to use when issuing credit:


Out of code groceries: Credit Code “A”

                 Capital Candy will now except out of code groceries for credit. We are now able to give credit at 50% of your cost on shelf stable grocery items. This policy will not apply to refrigerated or frozen items. Items received for credit without proper documentation of invoice purchased will be credited at this lower rate unless the item is one of our regular guaranteed items.


Cigarette returns policy:

                 Due to recent changes in manufacturer policies regarding cigarette returns, Capital Candy finds it necessary to amend our cigarette return policy as follows:

                Unless returned at time of delivery, all cigarettes must be banded and marked with a Manufacturers return label signed by the manufacturer’s Rep.

                All house brands sold exclusively by Capital Candy Company will be returnable with your sales rep.

1.)    Damages: Any damaged item may be returned provided it was received in damaged condition. Returns must be accompanied by an invoice number, invoice date, and item number.

2.)    Shortages: All shortages must be called in to the office within 24 hours from delivery. Invoice number, invoice date, and item number must be given.

All of these authorized returns must have occurred on the previous week’s invoice.

3.)    Outdated merchandise: Tobacco and candy will be accepted for credit if outdated. These items will not require an invoice number or date. Best Yet and HBC items are no longer guaranteed, therefore no credit will be issued on these items. 

4.)    Time of delivery check in/Store & driver: At the time of delivery, all red meats, chicken, full cases of deli meats, produce and cigarettes are to be checked in by the store and the Capital Candy driver. No credit will be given for shortages that are not found at the time of delivery on above items.

  1. All meats: Red, chicken and deli must be returned at the time of delivery (mispicks, subbed items, etc.) Please remember: Drivers can only write up credits for products that are delivered on that day of delivery. Prior credits need to be written up by your sales rep.
  2. Because of the ease of ordering “eaches” combined with the fact that many manufacturers do not give credit for outdated products our sale reps will not be authorized to take back outdated film, some groceries, frozen or refrigerated items. If, however, a product is shipped with a short code, it may be returned within a 7-day period from the date of invoice. Once again, we feel this is in line with general policy that says Capital Candy Company will be responsible for its own mistakes while at the same time try to be as fair as possible to you, our valued customers.